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John Schettino's Author Projects

I'm a contributing editor for PDA Developers Magazine  and have written several articles on NewtonScript Programming:

  • FCS: Classification and Retrieval - Supercharge the Notepad. (Issue 2.5, September 1994)
  • Unsafe at Any Speed - Newton Hacking - How to use and patch existing Newton ROM code. (Issue 2.6, Sept/Oct 1994)
  • Out on a Limb: Debugging Without a Tether - Newton debugging with ViewFrame, hacks, and resourcefulness. (Issue 3.1, Jan/Feb 1995)
  • A Sane Soup Interface - A generic soup-management object for all seasons. (Issue 3.2, Mar/Apr 1995)
  • Inter-operating with ScriptLink: A case study of using AppleScript and NewtonScript. (Issue 3.3, May/Jun 1995)
  • A User Proto Intro: The ins and outs of building your own user protos. (Issue 3.4, Jul/Aug 1995)
  • Easy Desktop Comms (Part I): Infrared beaming between a Newton a Mac. (Issue 3.5, Sept/Oct 1995)
  • Easy Desktop Comms (Part II): Using DILs for Serial and Appletalk. (Issue 3.6, Nov/Dec 1995)
  • Developing with NTK 1.5+: Techniques for designing and tuning Newton applications. (Issue 4.1 Jan/Feb 1996)
  • NewtApp: Creating Newton applications in hours with a framework (Issue 4.2 Mar/Apr 1996)
If you have a topic or problem you wish someone would write about, relating to Newton programming, email me!

The NS BASIC Corner

I was a contributing editor for NewtOnLine and wrote a monthly column on NS BASIC Programming called "The Basics of NS BASIC". This eZine stopped publishing late in 1995. The column has moved to PDA Developers Magazine, and will be a regular feature there. These original columns will remain on my web page. Source code from the column will also make its way here, a month or two after the column is published.

Here are the previous Columns:

Source Code from NS BASIC Corner Columns published in PDA Developers Magazine:
  • File Editing, Issue 4.1 - Jan/Feb 1996
  • NS BASIC Widgets, Issue 4.2 - Mar/Apr 1996

If you have a topic or problem you wish someone would write about, relating to NS BASIC programming, email me!

User Guides and Software Manuals

I co-authored (with Liz O'Hara) the NS BASIC handbook. NS BASIC  is a full-featured BASIC programming language for the Newton.

Mobilis/PDA Developers Reviews

I'm a reviewer for PDA Developers Magazine and a contributing editor and reviewer for Mobilis: The mobile computing lifestyle magazine. I've written several reviews:

mobilis June 1996: X-Port 1.0.3 for Newton
Software Review. X-Port 1.0.3 for Newton. - size 7K - 27 Jun 96
mobilis May 1996: Newton Graphics Roundup
Software Review. Newton Graphics Roundup. - size 9K - 28 Jun 96
mobilis April 1996: Newton Shareware Potpourri II
Software Review. Newton Shareware Potpourri. - size 10K - 17 Jun 96
mobilis March 1996: Newton Shareware Potpourri I
Software Review. Newton Shareware Potpourri. - size 8K - 17 Jun 96
mobilis February 1996: Software Review of AppGen (pp. 1&2)
Software Review. AppGen for the Newton. - size 9K - 16 Jun 96
mobilis December 1995: Software Review of Personal Media 1.5 (pp. 1&2)
Software Review. Personal Media 1.5 for the Newton. - size 11K - 16 Jun 96
  • Newton 2.0 - PDA Developers Magazine, Issue 4.2 Mar/Apr 1996
  • FlashData 1.9 - PDA Developers Magazine, Issue 4.2 Mar/Apr 1996
If you have a product you would like reviewed, email me!


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