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You can buy these books from  by clicking the book images below. The first three books are my own, the rest books I've read and recommend. Or you can search for any book:

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Plugging my own books
I co-authored these. I think they're good. Go figure. Buy them through these links, please.

Palm OS Programming for Dummies
My latest book (with Liz O'Hara) is published by IDG Books. It is a complete reference of Palm programming, using both CodeWarrior and the free GNU tools.
CORBA For Dummies CORBA For Dummies
My first For Dummies book (with Liz O'Hara) is published by IDG Books. Currently #8 in the top 30 best selling CORBA books at
You can discuss this book on its very own deja-news discussion group.
AppleScript Applications:
Building Applications with FaceSpan and AppleScript 
I've co-authored (with Liz O'Hara) a book on Macintosh Scripting with FaceSpan and AppleScript (AppleScript Applications) Published by Academic Press Professional.
Programming Books
I use these books. They're excellent.

Design Patterns: 
Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
(Addison-Wesley Professional Computing) by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides
I wrote an article for MacTech Magazine which explores the concepts discussed in this book. The book is very readable, and contains a wealth of object oriented wisdom.
What People Are Buying
These are the top books you people are buying via my bookstore. If you'd like to supply a review of a book you recommend, just e-mail it to me.
The Java Tutorial Continued:
The Rest of the Jdk (Java Series)
by Mary Campione, Kathy Walrath, Alison Huml, Tutorial Team
The Squandered Computer:
Evaluating the Business Alignment of Information Technologies
by Paul A. Strassmann 
Life Changing Books
I'm a busy guy... you probably are busy too. These books are worth the time and effort. They'll teach you how to be successful in life, not just in business.

First Things First:
To Live, to Love, to Learn, to Leave a Legacy 
by Stephen R. Covey

Here's a great story from the book: (pages 88-89)
This associate of Covey's had attended a seminar where the instructor gave the class a quiz.  He reached under the counter he was lecturing behind and took out a wide-mouth gallon jar.  He set it on the counter next to a platter with some fist-sized rocks on it. "How many of these rocks do you think we can get into this jar?" he asked.  After the class guessed, he began to put the rocks into the jar.  When he had gotten as many rocks into the jar as he could he asked, "Is the jar full?" The class looked at the jar and said, "Yes."  Then he said, "Ahh!"  He reached under the table and pulled out a bucket of gravel and began to pour it in on top of the rocks in the jar.  The gravel filled in the spaces around the big rocks.  Once more he said, "Is the jar full?"  By this time the class was on to him and said, "Probably not."  "Good!" he replied.  And then he reached under the counter again and brought out a bucket of sand.  He started dumping the sand in and it went in all the little spaces left by the rocks and the gravel.  "Is the jar full?" he asked again.  "No!!" the class roared.  "Right!" and he took out a pitcher of water and began to pour it into the jar.  He got about a quart of water in the jar.  "Well here's the big question," he said, "What's the point?"  One student at the seminar said, "There are gaps in your schedule and if you work at it you can always fit more into your life."  "No," said the instructor.  "The point is this: If you hadn't put these big rocks in first, you never would have gotten them in!"

In other words, do the big stuff first.

The Power Of Ethical Management:
by Norman Vincent Peale (Contributor), Kenneth H. Blanchard