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I'm the co-author of four programming books. These three are currently in print:

Palm OS Programming For Dummies
This book is a complete reference of Palm programming (including the Visor from Handspring), using both CodeWarrior and the free GNU tools. View the Table of Contents. You can Discuss this book. Buy it today from
CORBA For Dummies
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Discuss this book or try the Chat room!
AppleScript Applications
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CORBA For Dummies teaches you how to create distributed applications using CORBA. You can learn more about CORBA from the OMG web site. We have a discussion board for this book. There are also a few corrections to the book here.

AppleScript Applications teaches you how to create Macintosh programs using AppleScript and FaceSpan

My co-author and I put a lot of effort into creating usable, enjoyable books. We give you practical examples, detailed explanations, and readable discussions of each of these topics.

Schettino Software
Schettino Software is a company located in San Jose, California. We create applications for PDAs that are intuitive and useful. We create applications for Microsoft® Windows CE® and Palm OS platforms. We currently have one Windows CE product, The Database Backup Utility. This application provides simple and complete backup and restore of all or selected databases, right on the HP/C.

About Our Logo

Yes, that is John Schettino's daughter Kiera in the logo. I took a picture of her in her Halloween costume using my Ricoh RDC-2 digital camera, did a little editing in PhotoStudio, and she became a star!

Does it always rain in the Pacific Northwest?

Who cares? We've moved to the San Francisco Bay area. Lots more sun here.

Windows CE Users
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The Database Backup Utility
SiteInspector Approved The Database Backup Utility began as an example program for a WindowsCE programming article I wrote for the Handheld Systems Journal. Like most examples, it was functional but a little limited. I actually used it myself for backups. When people began asking for a good database backup program for WindowsCE I put the extra effort in to make it a real product. I expect more of my "examples" will grow into commercial, shareware, and freeware WindowsCE products in the future. Stay tuned!

More Info / 21 Day Demo

You can download a 21 day Demo version of the Database Backup Utility. Just click here to get more information and download the installer.

This software was distributed via MobileSoft. They have gone out of business, so it's back to Shareware status... Email me for an updated mailing address for Shareware payments.

You can also go to John Schettino's Home page! Read all about my Books, Articles, and other Software.
 Contact info:
 John Schettino
 Schettino Software
 4689 Cherrywood Dr
 San Jose CA 95129
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