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John Schettino

Husband, Father, Author

I'm a Shareware and Freeware Palm OS, Windows CE, Macintosh and Newton programmer. I've written many books and articles. I also have a Day Job as the Palm & other handheld Software Guy for Hewlett Packard Labs.

My home page is more about what I do for a living than what I think living is all about. Personally, I think everyone should do whatever they need to do to be happy - within reason. If we all lived our passions and helped and loved each other (and the planet) the world would be a better place.

A lot has changed since the days when this was my "front door" to the web. I've now got a front door "business" web page, and two publications pages... one for books and the other for articles. The rest of the stuff that used to be on this page is now here. Thanks for stopping by!