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Articles On the Web!
I write for several different magazines. Some of them place back issues on the web. The following sections link to specific articles or HotBot searches for articles I've written that are on the web.
The Handheld Systems Journal
I was a contributing editor for HSJ. I've been writing for the HSJ since September 1994. In that time it's gone through three names (PIE Developers, PDA Developers, and finally HSJ) and I've gone through two platforms (Newton and WindowsCE) and a lot of languages (NewtonScript, NS BASIC, Win32/C, MFC/C++, Visual Basic, and Java.) Browse these articles and see how to develop for a couple of PDAs using several different languages!

Go to the HSJ link above to find my articles.

I was a contributing editor for Mobilis. I've been writing for Mobilis since 1996. I write reviews of Newton and WindowsCE software.

Mobilis archives aren't available since this web-based magaizne closed.

I've written several articles for MacTech.

Volume Number: 13
Issue Number: 4
Column Tag: Programming Techniques 
The Tao of Design

Doctor Dobbs Journal
My DDJ Article on WindowsCE, MFC, and the Database Classes is available for purchase here.
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