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Hot News! This is the section where you can get the latest information on my books, articles, and software.
* AppleScript Applications
Our second book, which includes a Demo version of FaceSpan 2.1, AppleScript 1.1 runtime, and more on the included CD ROM. It's now available in stores, and can be ordered directly from AP Professional.
* BASIC for the Newton
Our first book, which includes a Demo version of NS BASIC. This book can also be ordered directly from AP Professional. The Demo NS BASIC on the original bundled disk only works with 1.3x Newtons. The book now includes an updated version of the Demo that works with all versions (including Newton 2.0). If you have a Newton with the 2.0 operating system and the Demo NS BASIC does not run with it, you can get a new version of the Demo disk from AP Professional.
Both books can be ordered on the web from AP Professional,, and Developer Depot.
NS BASIC Corner bimonthy column now in Handheld Systems Journal (Formerly PDA Developers Magazine)
The NS BASIC column has found a new home. Handheld Systems Journal publishes the column. You can subscribe to Handheld Systems Journal, or find it at the larger Bookstores.
Calendar Marker 3.00 (Only works with 2.0 Newtons, the MP2000 and eMate300)
This is a Newton Package that enhances the Calendar. I've tested the package with Newton 2.1.

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Freeware Newton/Mac Software:

I've written several Freeware Newton (and Newton/Macintosh) applications. Each is shown below with a link to its location on the  FTP site. You should also visit the site and see the other great stuff there!

Quick-All Notes and Dates
Puts your Notes and Dates applications into the "All" folder when you reset your Newton
HyperCard 2.2/AppleScript 1.1 stack that supports transfer of LunaMail  Email via a high-speed Mac connection

Shareware Newton Software:

I've written one Shareware Newton application. The link below points to the Newton 2.0 compatible version!

Calendar Marker 3.00 Mac (.hqx)
The link below points to the last Pre-Newton 2.0 version (2.01)
Calendar Marker 2.01 Mac (.hqx) version
(This is a link to the old 1.2 version at AMUG  site)
$10 Shareware, Places marks on the month display in the Dates application, so you can see which days have morning, afternoon, or day notes (days with day notes have a box drawn around them).

Thanks to all the folks who've paid their shareware fees. Calendar Marker is faster, and more configurable now. You don't need to see the week numbers, or can only see week numbers, for instance!

Here's the ReadMe  file for Calendar Marker 2.01.

This is Calendar Marker (all options enabled, with Boxed day notes) in action:
(Calendar Marker 1.2 Screen Shot)

Shareware Macintosh Software:

I've written one Shareware Macintosh application.

Macintosh Jump Station

Newton Jump Station

Newton Stores

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